We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water In Satan's Drink - Psychopunch (Sweden)

Label:White Jazz Records
Highlights:Down In Flames
Goin' Crazy
Good For Nothing At All
Standed (For Holly Ramone)

Rating: 7.5/10

I have to admit that I was a little dubious about this band at first and was expecting them to be some Hellacopters tryhards or something. However, Iím pleased to say that Psychopunch are more than mere imitators. Their debut album, We Are Just As Welcome...., is a consistent listen from start to finish. The songs are well constructed and lead guitarist Joey plays really well. However, Iím not a huge fan of lead vocalist J Mís gruff vocal style. All the same, anyone into Swedish hard rock or bands like Nashville Pussy and Motorhead will more than likely love this album. Personally, I wouldnít rate it as essential but worth having all the same.

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